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Tacoma's Official Pride Event-Out In The Park's Journal

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3rd July 2007

cheopsprincess8:10pm: Tacoma needs some gay ass music ya'll!
Does anyone know of or belong to a band that would like to play Tacoma's Gay Pride festival, Out In The Park? It is our 10 year anniversary and a major band just dropped out. *le sigh*

It's happening July 14th, Saturday after next, and I am anxiously looking for:
-A band that can limit their foul mouths, I mean kids are in attendance.
-Queercore would be great but I have no idea if there are any in Tacoma or the surrounding communities.
-A band that promotes equality, truth, and doesn't suck.
-OMG, hip hop would be awesome, especially some positive Blue Scholars like action.

Towards 4PM and on we get a lot of the 16+ age group and we'd like them to have something to rock out to.

Let me know if you are or know of anyone so we can take a listen and get them onstage. We unfortunately do not pay but will add them to our online updates and all Marketing materials made from here on out. Since the concert is early int he day it would be grand promotion for a later performance and we offer a Merchandising table.
Let me know by Thursday and I can get you in the event program.
I can meet you anywhere and at any time to check out what you can do.
Thank you so much, Tacoma!
Out In Tacoma
Out In The Park - July 14th - Noon to 6PM - Wright Park, Tacoma
Celebrating 10 Gay Years!

18th April 2007

cheopsprincess2:44pm: Come Walk with Us! Puyallup-Televised!
Out In Tacoma is building a float for the 2007 Daffodil Parade. Not only are we walking in Tacoma's parade but are going to do Puyallup too! We are really excited and need support. Come walk with us and show your support of local area non-profits that help Tacoma's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning community. All are welcome! This event is perfect for families, children and Straight Allies are always welcome to ALL of Out In Tacoma's events.

This Saturday, April 21st, 2007!

Tacoma Parade
Meet us before 10AM at 4th and Pacific (Shuster Parkway). I suggest parking around Freighthouse and taking the tram to 9th and Pacific. We are unit #135. This leg of the parade is not televised.

Puyallup Parade
When we disband form the Tacoma parade, we will be traveling to Puyallup for their leg of the parade. Join us at Noon, no later, and enjoy some snacks. We will be meeting at 7th Ave. SW and 5th Street SW (blinking light near Sparks Stadium). This parade will be televised on In Demand according to The Daffodil Parade peoples. We are float #135!

The theme of our float is "Working Together In Perfect Harmony" to match the Festivals theme of "Daffodils and All That Jazz". We will be playing funky Jazz music and passing out beads to the crowd. We glittered the heck out of this float, ya'll!

All support is appreciated. To find out more about our awesome Tacoma organization, check us out at www.outintacoma.org!
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15th September 2006

seatlequeerfilm2:16pm: The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is looking for volunteers to usher, staff the merchandise and will call table, help with setting up and breaking down events, serve food and drinks and more. Volunteers have a great time at the festival, meet new people, and earn coupons to see films for free.

The festival this year is Friday, October 13-Sunday, October 22nd. For more information about the festival visit www.seattlequeerfilm.com and to volunteer send an email to: volunteer@seattlequeerfilm.com.

19th August 2006

jacrio6:04pm: Join Rainbow Club!
The Rainbow Club has changed it's rules! Swearing is now completely allowed. Plus, parts of the pornography rule have been lifted, and now you can post gay fan fiction and/or slash stories. The Rainbow Club is a place for GLBT youth (ages 13-21) to chat and do as they please in the community. Come and see what we're about!



(manager of rainbowclub)

27th June 2006

sakurasakura2:57pm: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


1st December 2005

cheopsprincess10:39am: Groundbreaking Ruling...

I find it hard to grasp the idea that a continent where being gay is more in the closet than America can make such a fair and equal ruling. They don't even have Will & Grace and look! Our political leaders continue to drag their feet or stonewall efforts for equality. It is very exciting to think I will see true freedom in my lifetime and that we continue to celebrate that normalicy and freedom every year at Out In The Park.
Ah, geez, I got that warm feeling... *sigh*
Out In Tacoma

15th November 2005

cheopsprincess9:52am: On The Fast Track
Saturday's meeting went great. We had a chance to meet two new volunteers, one volunteering to create and maintain a website dedicated to all the information for Pride 2006. Information is being obtained regarding cost of domain and maintenance as well as securing graphics and content, which I have a lot of. We will be offering sign up pdf's for volunteers, vendors and entertainment as well as providing excellent links to local organizations and small businesses that support our efforts.
We discussed involvement in the Daffodil Parade and upcoming events. Our current goal is secure and awebspace and to contact community volunteers currently part of other organizations and checking their participation levels. Minutes will be available tomorrow.
Transparency rocks!!!
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12th November 2005

cheopsprincess9:26am: She's Like A Rainbow
The Rainbow Center has always been really nice to us. They work, as we do, to promote empowerment and make sure the Tacoma community's voice is heard. We love them and are very pleased to announce that we will be writing an article, updating Tacoma, for their newsletter. Here is our first article:

It's that time of year again! The weather has turned leaving frost on our cars, huge heat bills and feet that never get warm. Do you find yourself staring out the window for 2-minute daydreams of what your garden will look like in Spring and what crazy new adventures the Summer will bring?
Well, Out in Tacoma is thinking about the Summer in November too. We have a big event to plan and The Rainbow Center has kindly given us this opportunity to let you know what we are doing and how. We'll be updating you throughout the year, making sure that you are a part of this. Never forget, this is YOUR event!!
Our first meeting was November 12th with the next meeting slated for December 17th. Our current focus is setting up a website to meet your needs. It will include updates, links to local businesses that support Pride, Vendor, Performer and Volunteer information and more. Current updates and meeting minutes are available at http://www.livejournal.com/community/tacoma_pride.
Every year gets bigger and we seek more variety, different takes and ideas. Volunteer! You'll be surprised at how much fun you'll have!!
We love you Tacoma!
Out In Tacoma
Out In The Park
July 9th, 2006
Wright Park, Tacoma
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11th November 2005

cheopsprincess8:34am: Tomorrow we meet...
Tomorrow is the first official Out In Tacoma Board Meeting!
We will be meeting in downtown Tacoma off 19th, for more information including address please contact me directly. The meeting will begin roughly at 1pm. We have quite a few folks coming and I am very excited.
I will be posting links to the minutes so you can always see what's going on with us and where our money comes from and goes to. This is your event.
Out In Tacoma
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14th October 2005

cheopsprincess1:06pm: holy crapoli, the queers can use the internet
hello everybody!
if you are reading this than you most likely got lost OR want to learn more about volunteering/becoming a board member for Tacoma's official Gay Pride Celebration "Out In The Park".
here's the haps:
our first meeting is slated for saturday the 12th of November. we will decide on a time when everyone lets us know when is best for them. after the first meeting i plan on posting our news and updates on the agenda, the GAY AGENDA!

we are starting off super early this year so we can focus on more issues and diversity in events. any ideas, suggestions or "your mom" jokes can be made here and we want feedback as well.

we can't do it without you and if we do, you're just gonna bitch and complain that it wasn't cool enough, we didn't have enough plushies represented or the country music was too loud. the committment is up to you! you have an hour to give, that's good enough, eh!

so, what is really expected of the volunteers?
total and absolute adoration of me, mistress stephanie for ONE. but ultimately we don't want any hidden agendas or false promises. we want you to have a load of fun, live it up, put some ice cubes in that water and brainstorm awesome ways we can mix things up. but we have some demands (the nerve, i know). we demand honesty. okay, so we have one demand.
honesty is the most intregal part of putting together any event, especially one as awesome as this. we do what we say we are going to do, please do the same and we'll all live happily together. kinky, no?

so that's it, the first post and not the last.
i thank you for your time and attention as well as the willingness to even consider throwing a huge ass party with us.
have a great day!
stephanie pollak
out in tacoma
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