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holy crapoli, the queers can use the internet

hello everybody!
if you are reading this than you most likely got lost OR want to learn more about volunteering/becoming a board member for Tacoma's official Gay Pride Celebration "Out In The Park".
here's the haps:
our first meeting is slated for saturday the 12th of November. we will decide on a time when everyone lets us know when is best for them. after the first meeting i plan on posting our news and updates on the agenda, the GAY AGENDA!

we are starting off super early this year so we can focus on more issues and diversity in events. any ideas, suggestions or "your mom" jokes can be made here and we want feedback as well.

we can't do it without you and if we do, you're just gonna bitch and complain that it wasn't cool enough, we didn't have enough plushies represented or the country music was too loud. the committment is up to you! you have an hour to give, that's good enough, eh!

so, what is really expected of the volunteers?
total and absolute adoration of me, mistress stephanie for ONE. but ultimately we don't want any hidden agendas or false promises. we want you to have a load of fun, live it up, put some ice cubes in that water and brainstorm awesome ways we can mix things up. but we have some demands (the nerve, i know). we demand honesty. okay, so we have one demand.
honesty is the most intregal part of putting together any event, especially one as awesome as this. we do what we say we are going to do, please do the same and we'll all live happily together. kinky, no?

so that's it, the first post and not the last.
i thank you for your time and attention as well as the willingness to even consider throwing a huge ass party with us.
have a great day!
stephanie pollak
out in tacoma
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